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Jennifer Lopez
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J-Lo got her big start on the TV comedy hit In Living Color as a Fly Girl dancer. But bigger and better things were on the horizon for Jenny as she moved onto the silver screen in Money Train (1995) and Selena (1997). And before we could say, "Hey, who's that hot Puerto Rican chick?" Jennifer released an album called On The 6. It was certified three times platinum, and every song and movie since (except for 2003's Gigli) has been J-Lo gold.
Jennifer Lopez is the American Dream: She has a rags-to-riches story that's proof that anyone can do great things with hard work, talent and a little luck. With charisma and charm, J.Lo has been able to reach almost unparalleled success in her acting, singing and fashion-design careers. Rarely has anyone been successful in all industries so consistently (except Madonna, of course).