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Penelope Cruz
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As far as Spanish exports go, Penelope Cruz is certainly among the hottest. She went from talented European actress to Hollywood superstar without sacrificing her integrity along the way. And she ain't half bad to look at either... Aside from having been romantically linked to some of the biggest actors in Hollywood, Penelope has appeared in a number of successful films, such as Blow (2001) and Vanilla Sky (2001), and Volver (2006).

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It's very fortunate that almost all the filmmakers she has worked with have understood that Penelope is a sexy beast, and have used her charms accordingly. And we're not just talking about the movies where she has taken off her clothes. By the way, can anyone name a film where she hasn't disrobed completely? Penelope's lips and legs qualify as lethal weapons, capable of causing major motor vehicle havoc. And her accent? That sexy Spanish linguistic snarl? What can we say, we love women with accents.
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